A guide to Books Swapped Rented Sold and Donated

Publishing companies are suffering with the advent of the World Wide Web, due to the proportion of book resellers and the hardback books that can be purchased in electronic formats. Any user with Internet access can buy books online cheap at a multitude of websites as well as sell their books back to book intermediaries. Books can be bought online cheap through the following websites: Alibris EBay Bookcloseouts.com COASBooks AbeBooks.com. You can search for books online cheap using Bookfinder.com or bookfinder4u.com, which compares the price of one book on multiple listing sources. Electronic formats of books are available cheap on eReaders, such as the Amazon Kindle, iPad, Google eBooks, Nook and cellphone readers. Both the iPhone and Android cellphones have built-in book readers, and users can pay per use to download and read books. The fee is usually $1.99 per book. College students can benefit from the ability to rent textbooks from Chegg, which offers textbooks for rent at a discounted rate as well as e-textbooks. The "Chegg for Good" program boasts that each purchase enables them to plant trees and volunteer their time supporting student philanthropists. Another academic website is textbooks.com, which also serves as a marketplace for schoolbooks and offers books for rent and sale, as well as skyo.com. Betterworldbooks.com also sells books at a nominal discount but offers the opportunity to support literacy programs worldwide by filling out a form that prepopulates a shipping label to mail in your book to be used toward a pro-literacy non-profit program. The library discards and donations program sells your book for you and reimburses you half the fee with the other 50% profit attributed to a non-profit of your choice. Before you check out make sure you use our latest Abebooks coupon to save a few bucks. Better World Books has placed drop boxes across the USA to efficiently collect unwanted donated books. Other website options include thriftbooks.com, campusbooks.com, ecampus.com, and petescheapbooks.com, which sells at the same price as Amazon shipped for only $1.00. Book swapping is another way to get free books. You can swap paperbacks with your family and friends or choose an online route by visiting any of the options below: Bookmooch Paperbackswap ReadersUnited FrugalReader TitleTrader BookIns WhatsOnMyBookshelf NovelAction ReadItSwapIt Another option is book-hopping, where you list the books on your shelf and agree to ship any of your books when they are requested. Below are the online options: Bookcrossing America's Bookshelf Book Hopper And when you are ready to rid the book from your shelf, the websites below will take the book off your hands and pay you: Amazon Trade-In Textbooks.com eBay Bookbyte.com In addition, you can opt for free ebooks via the websites Project Gutenberg and free-ebooks.net, and read them on your home computer. Buying books in person also offers the ability to save money by scouring garage sales, yard sales, and flea markets. Half Price Books is a freestanding store that buys books off your hands, or you can read books completely free at your local Library. Modernizing your home library is another option by shipping your books to the folks at 1dollarscan.com, who scan each page and convert your book into a PDF using OCR recognition for a fee of $1 per set. All paper is recycled and your shelf can breathe. Schools also sell damaged books at times for a reduced price through book drives or at an individual's request. In conclusion, you can easily buy books online or at a fraction of the original cost at one of the above listed websites, in addition to swapping, renting, book-hopping, or borrowing completely free at your local library.