Cengagebrain Coupon & Promo Code Offers

Before we dive into our review of this popular digital textbook company, let’s list our current special offers first. Be sure to apply the latest working coupon so you don’t miss out on any easy savings!

Cengagebrain.com is dedicated to providing students with the class materials they need, in whatever format they prefer. While the company offers thousands of textbooks and e-Books for purchase and rental, it is also a great place to find all kinds of learning materials. These include flashcards, quizzes, glossaries, videos and much more. The company provides these kinds of time saving, extra learning materials for affordable prices. The company also offers its customers all kinds of opportunities to save money and take advantage of special offers, which include free shipping, free eBook access, and other resources via its website.

Affordable prices and deals

The people at Cengagebrain give customers a bunch of ways to save. First, shoppers can expect low prices on textbooks and eBooks. According to the company, purchasing a textbook from them can be cheaper than renting the same one elsewhere. The company claims to offer prices that are up to 65% off, which can save shoppers big time.

The company also keeps the savings rolling with seasonal promotions. Be sure to use a Cengagebrain coupon, which range from 30% off study guides to flashcards for just $3.99 — can really come in handy during midterms and finals time.

cengagebrainAnother way Cengagebrain shines is by giving customers the power of choice. In addition to being able to choose whether you want to rent or buy in textbook or eBook format, you can even choose to purchase single chapters or study tools exclusively. This flexibility pays off in all kinds of ways. For example, customers can save money by only buying exactly what they need. They can also spare themselves from having to carry heavy textbooks by going with eBooks instead.

How to Activate Coupon Codes for Cengagebrain

Ok so this process in painfully simple. Even so here is screenshot below showing exactly where the promo code box can be found on the cart screen.

From there just click apply and confirm that your code is in fact valid. See how easy it is?

Valuable study tools

One thing that helps them stand out is their study tools. These study tools, such as flashcards and practice quizzes, fall under the category of Coursemate. Coursemate materials can usually be purchased along with textbooks or eBooks for an affordable price ($10 at most).

These Coursemate study tools can really make the difference between going into a test without really knowing the material and going into a test feeling prepared and confident. A common mistake students make is not knowing how to study in a way that benefits them most; cramming and other questionable study strategies are proven to leave students struggling when it comes time to actually take a test. By investing in Cengagebrain’s Coursemate valuable study tools, students can get in the habit of studying in ways that are proven to be successful.

For those customers who are not interested in spending extra money on course materials, they have some free options available as well. The company’s free resources, which can be found right on their website, cover free companion components included with select textbooks and eBooks. Customers can also try the service by checking out a demo chapter.

Diverse collection of career resources

Cengagebrain does not only cover students’ needs. The company is also committed to helping students out in the real world after they have graduated from school and long afterwards. They offer a variety of career tools in the form of textbooks and eBooks written for everyone from recent graduates looking to start their careers on the right foot to taking the right steps towards career development.

To have a look at what career-oriented titles they feature, users can easily browse through the Career Resources section according to category: Job Search, Resume Writing, Interviewing or Career Development. Also, it is not uncommon for the company to offer a special Cengagebrain promo code and discounts depending on the title. For example, customers can currently enjoy a 40% coupon for any of the titles listed in the Career Resources section. Another site to check out is Chegg if you haven’t heard of them, they can have different prices on certain books making it important to check.

Free shipping and eBook access while your textbooks ship

Cengagebrain keeps the discounts and saving opportunities abundant by offering customers free shipping on orders that come out to over $25 total (if you are ordering multiple books for an upcoming semester, you will most likely tally a total over $25).

One of the more unique features is their free eBook access policy. This policy gives customers who have ordered a textbook for rent or purchase instant access to the electronic eBook version of that title for one week. This policy is designed to give customers more immediate access to their textbooks while they are shipping. So, if your class starts tomorrow and your textbook is still a few days from getting to your mailbox, do not fret; you will have access to the eBook version in the meantime.

Extra Credit program helps students and charities

The extra Credit program is a great way to get you and your friends discounts via coupons while also benefiting a great cause.

Anyone can participate in this program. To get started, all you have to do is register for free. Then, Cengage will send you an email that contains your unique discount code. The next step is to share that code wherever and whenever possible via social media, at school, etc. This code is good for a 10% discount for anyone who uses it.

For all of the money you and your friends save using that unique code, Cengagebrain will match the amount and donate it to the charity of your choice! This is very unique when compared to competitors like Abebooks. This program is running now through June 30, 2018, and they will match your savings amounts up to $100,000. With the Extra Credit program, you, your friends and charities win.

Textbooks, eBooks and much more

Beyond low prices and a huge selection of textbooks and eBooks, it is the other little details that set them apart from the pack. The company’s unique focus on proven and affordable study tools helps students prepare for exams in the most effective ways. Customers also wield the power of choice when it comes to buying or renting books, whether they are textbooks or eBooks, whole books or single chapters. Plus, the company’s policy on allowing customers eBook access while they wait for their textbooks to arrive in the mail can really make all the difference for students. All of these perks, combined with free shipping here and discounts there, make Cengagebrain a solid option for students and educators seeking class materials.