Finding Answers to Physics Problems

Physics is the study of the interaction between matter and energy. The matter that is studied ranges from sub-atomic particles to entire galaxies. There are over two dozen working theories in the field of physics. A student must grasp the fundamentals of physics theory in order to advance our understanding of our world and beyond. Certainly, physics is a fascinating subject that has captured the analytical minds of humans since the beginning of the Roman Empire. As Sheldon of the Big Bang Theory, a popular television show, explains to Penny, physics is a "2600-year journey from the ancient Greeks" to today. Those seeking answers to problems in physics range from teachers seeking to challenge students to caregivers wishing to assist a student in gaining a better grasp of physics. The Physics Classroom The site is designed to assist high-school students in understanding basic physics concepts. The tutorials are designed to help students comprehend and test their physics skills. Teachers may find the physics classroom to be a good resource to assign homework and modules to increase understanding of physics and prepare students for further learning or study in the field. The resources for both students and teachers are provided at no cost. Chegg Chegg offers both free and paid solutions to physics problems. A step-by-step practice manual is available and free to use for seven days. An interactive program is available, which allows students to ask and receive answers via live chat in real time. Chegg provides step-by-step solutions in most physics problems, including algebraic, classic, general and more. Assistance is available at any hour, any day of the week. Assignment Expert Submit a physics assignment question and receive a free quote on how much the solution will cost. The question must be concise and clearly presented to receive a complete answer. Assignment Expert is a means of checking the accuracy of completed homework assignments. The drawback is that there is a cost to receiving a solution from an expert. In fact, the site suggests sending examples of questions rather than concise homework questions. In this way, the student receives assistance without the threat of plagiarism. Fear of Physics On the Fear of Physics website, video solutions are posted and there is a means to search, find and hire a physics tutor. Tutors are made available through WyzAnt and are posted by skill level and hourly charge for receiving tutor assistance with physics. A free college-level physics course is available. Instructional videos also show the basic concepts that are tied to physics knowledge. Homework Help solves physic problems through step-by-step video instruction. Physics Homework Help Physics problems can be posted on this site, and the student may choose tutoring services or assistance in solving a specific problem. Prices vary on the type of help that is required. For example, expert tutoring assistance is available within 24 hours and may be ordered with or without solutions. Assistance is available for students from elementary age to college level. Detailed answers are provided. Curriki This resource offers step-by-step solutions to physics problems for free. The mission is to provide education-related resources at no cost to students, teachers and caregivers. A full collegiate-level physics course is available to any interested students or teachers in search of physics-related resources. Use the search box available in Curiki to find information about solving physics problems. Resources can be customized to meet individual student learning goals. Study Guides Some people are not comfortable with online videos or tutoring. Study guides about physics problem-solving may be the solution. Sites that sell new or used textbooks are a good choice for finding physics study guides. The solution will be provided along with a detailed explanation of the problem. Practice tests are designed to assist students in solving different types of physics problems. Try this free shipping code for Abebooks and maybe you'll find a solid deal along the other sites we recommended. In order to receive the best available study guide, you can search reviews to discover if others found the guide helpful. Teachers, textbooks and study groups are also ways to get more comfortable with finding answers to physics problems. Free sites often will introduce practice physics problems with detailed solutions. Websites that require payment are also a good resource for particularly difficult physics problems. Videos often offer detailed solutions. Many sites also provide practice problems to hone problem-solving physics problems. Seek out solutions that provide step-by-step answers so that answers can be easily understood and there is a method of back-tracking through the problem to search for mistakes. In many cases, the teacher will want to review the solution process to discover where errors have been made and how best to correct errors. Find a comfortable means of understanding the process of physics problem-solving best suited to your learning needs. Some students can read and easily understand the information, while other students may be more comfortable with a tutor. Video lessons can be paused or rewound until the concept is grasped.