How to Use the Leesa $50 Off Student Discount

How to Use the Leesa $50 Off Student Discount

Leesa is currently offering a $50 off student discount. To claim this offer you will need to verify your student status at checkout. Proceed to the checkout page and click the button labeled "Verify with". Select "Student" and sign up with your official school email address. Once verified you will receive an exclusive $50 off student discount from Leesa.

Claim your Leesa Student Discount
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How to get Leesa Student Discount
Look for at checkout
How to get Leesa Student Discount
Select "Student" and verify your status

If you have additional questions about Leesa student discount and eligibility requirements you can contact them here.

How to get the most out of Leesa Student Discounts

Leesa is a popular mattress brand amongst college students. To maximize your savings, combine the $50 off student discount with ongoing sales and free shipping offers. If money is tight, students can finance their Leesa mattress purchase over 4 payments.

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Student Discount FAQs

What types of businesses offer student discounts?

Students will be happy to know that nearly every type of business offers student discounts. According to BrokeScholars database of student discounts, fashion and beauty retailers lead the way for online student discounts. For in-person offers, restaurants and events are most common.

How do I prove I’m a student?

How you verify your student status will depend on whether the student discount is for in-store or online use. For use at a physical location, you will simply need to show a valid form of student ID. For use online, retailers will require you to sign up with an official university email address to confirm eligibility. This can vary company to company, so check with the issuing business directly.

I was unable to verify my student status online, what should I do?

If you are a valid student but unable to verify your account, do not panic. If you attend a smaller university your school simply may not be listed in the verification system. Contact the company offering the discount directly. They will ask for other forms of verification, such as a government issued ID and a transcript or acceptance letter.

How many times can I use a student discount?

This will depend on the specific discount you wish to use. Based on our data, it seems most student discounts at restaurants and physical stores will offer students a discount on every purchase. However, student discounts offered by online retailers tend to only work once, or during a specific time of year. Read the fine print of the student discount you intend to use for the best answer.

Can I combine my student discount with other promotions?

The answer to this depends on the company offering the student discount. For online retailers, often you will be able to combine your student discount with ongoing sales and free shipping offers, but not with other promo codes. In-store offers seem to be more flexible, allowing you to apply print coupons and your student discount together.