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Our Review of Zenni

If you wear glasses, the convenience of purchasing glasses that can be transformed into sunglasses is likely pretty appealing. At Zenni Optical you'll find a number of affordable glasses, and the company only sells glasses from their brand to cut down on shipping and merchandising costs. This is definitely a plus when you're looking for quality glasses for the entire family. You can select the price you're willing to pay for your glasses on the homepage (up to $49) to filter your search and ensure you're getting a pair you can afford. There's even a feature on the website that allows you to try the glasses on that you want on the virtual model, or you can upload a picture of yourself and try the glasses on online! They also sells a variety of non-prescription sunglasses as well with enhanced UV protection so you can keep enjoying your favorite outdoor activities. Take a look at these additional details if you're considering purchasing glasses from a new place.

Glasses for Women

Whether you've got edgy, vintage style, or prefer a pair of glasses that are sleek and understated, Zenni has the ideal pair of glasses for you. A number of the glasses are made from acetate or stainless steel, and some of the handles include neon colors or chic tortoiseshell patterns. Several of the women's glasses are bifocals, and the eyewear comes with adjustable nose pads for extended wear and comfort. The square glasses for women are especially flattering if your face is heart-shaped or round. Glasses that are slightly angular on the side are ideal for oval or oblong faces.

Glasses for Men

Men's eyewear comes in a number of shapes, from oval and circular, to rectangular and square. Blue, black burgundy and metallic shades are on the website, which means the glasses will match with virtually any outfit. Bifocals and progressive lenses are available in these glasses as well, and a number of the glasses are under $24. Whether you wear a suit every day or your closet is filled with a number of polished but casual items, you're likely to find a pair of glasses that matches well with your overall look.

Glasses for Kids

Kids can find fun and functional eyeglasses on the website as well. If your son or daughter is a little skeptical about having to wear glasses, the colorful designs at Zenni Optical could help to ease his/her fears. Your kids will love the virtual glasses-fitting feature on the website, which gives them an idea of how their new glasses will look when they arrive. A combination of tortoiseshell and neon green, or monochromatic glasses that showcase various shades of blue or purple are among the selection you'll find for children. The company provides round glasses (similar to the ones Harry Potter wears) as well as glasses that give children and young adults a nerdy chic feel. The glasses are also in small, medium and large sizes to fit your child's face perfectly. Kids glasses with psychedelic designs, flowers and stripes are for sale at Zenni as well. There are even glasses with an adjustable headband for smaller children who may have a hard time keeping up with their new eyewear.

Accessories from Zenni Optical

In addition to eyeglasses, there are several accessories you can purchase. If you're an avid swimmer, swim goggles are the perfect summer accessory. The goggles are made for men, women or children, and come in both clear and bright, neon colors.

Eyeglass chains are also available, and are perfect for keeping you from losing your new glasses. Sporty chains in red or blue are fashionable options, but there are also beaded eyeglass chains that make your glasses look even more glamorous.

Non-prescription sunglasses in a variety of colors and shapes are part of the inventory. The flexible frames of the sunglasses make for very comfortable wear, and these items are just as affordable as the prescription glasses.

Extras and Additional Info

When you purchase a pair of Zenni Optical glasses, you'll get a number of free perks that make your purchase even more worthwhile. For instance, there's a special coating on each pair of glasses that keeps them from getting scratched. You'll also get a protective case for your glasses, free of charge, along with a cleaning cloth to keep your glasses smudge-free.

When you order in the U.S., you'll only pay $4.95 for shipping, no matter how big your order is. If your glasses are shipped internationally, shipping starts at $9.95. You can expect to receive your order within 7 to 14 business days. Again don't forget to use a Zenni Optical coupon code before checking out or you could miss out on some big potential savings. If you don't find a good discount here then check some some other big coupon sites or the actual coupon page on the Zenni website.

Zenni Optical Customer Service

When you're ready to start an order, you'll need to start an account on the website to keep track of the items you're buying and to monitor the time frame that your items are shipped to you. You can also call the company toll-free, email the staff, or engage in a live chat online if you have questions about your order.

Zenni optical incorporates modern materials in the manufacturing of all their eyewear, so you can be sure that your glasses are durable and high-quality.

The staff believe that eyeglasses and sunglasses are a yet another way for a person to showcase his/her personal style, and that finding the right pair of glasses should be a detailed, informed, but fun process. Happy shopping!