The Definitive Guide to Selling Used Textbooks Online

Textbooks are a large expense, and the purchase isn't exactly made easier to swallow when you realize these books will likely sit and gather dust once the course they were purchased for has ended. Reselling your books online is one way to make the investment easier. Listed below are some of the online sites where you can sell your used school books. eBay One of the main benefits with eBay is that you can list up to 50 items each month with no listing fee. The free listing allows you to have one photo on each auction page. Their templates are easy to maneuver through and there are plenty of opportunities to review your listing and avoid errors. They have thousands of books in their ISBN system, which saves time on photographing and describing each book. It's important to describe your book's condition accurately in order to maintain positive feedback. The downside is the amount of competition. It is difficult to list anything that isn't already listed by many other sellers. Be aware of what price other sellers are listing the book at to be certain you aren't pricing yourself out of the running. eBay only allows sellers to charge a maximum of $4 for shipping charges on books. Some textbooks are so large and heavy it's impossible to mail them that cheaply even through media mail. Be aware of what the post office charges are, and remember to factor in eBay's final value fee. PayPal also charges a commission for processing your payment. Be certain your charges aren't going to add up to more than your selling price. A partner site to eBay, sells items at a fixed price rather than through auctions. It costs nothing to list your item and you only pay a commission when it sells. Once a book is listed it remains online until it is sold or you delete it. Payments are collected for you by and sent within seven days of the sale. Amazon has a great reputation with buyers as being a safe and respected marketplace. You benefit from their reputation as well as the hundreds of thousands of customers shopping on their site every day. The downside is that it can be a little pricey to list items. Amazon charges 99 cents per item when listed as well as commission fees after the item sells. It is important to remember that any conflicts between you and a buyer will be settled by Amazon. It is very rare for a seller to win in these situations. Being totally upfront about the condition of your book as well as shipping quickly and securely are very important here. An angry buyer could cost you. This is the option to choose if you'd prefer to not sell books one-by-one or deal directly with buyers. With cash4books you enter the ISBN number of your textbooks and they tell you what they are willing to pay. If you agree with the price you print a pre-paid shipping label and they send you payment by check or through PayPal. The only downside to cash4books is they only purchase certain books. There is no guarantee your textbooks will be anything they are interested in. An Important Reminder A textbook in excellent condition will fetch a higher price than a book with a lot of wear and tear. Avoid writing in books if possible. Daily we post our best coupons and special offers her if you stop in and take a look. If you must write in them, use pencil and write lightly so it can be erased cleanly later. Textbooks become outdated quickly. If you want to get the best price it's a good idea to get them listed as soon as you no longer need them.